Monday, 12 August 2013

chapter 3 of 8

the Christmas party.
just a brief note if you die in hell or heaven then you re-spawn 20 times and then you are born again into the world forgetting hell or heaven and who you have met in your past life.

so it was an hour before the christmas party was going to happen and Spencer Felange was not in the house. "is he coming to the party?" Terry asked Archie.
"i dont know if he is or not, he didnt say" Archie replied. "ill ring him then" Archie yelled.
meanwhile at a new shop up street in hell, Spencer was buying a bacon cob when suddenly when he was going to pay for his cob the woman at the counter had turned and he realised who it was. CASEY. "mini daniel how did you end up in here?" she said to Spencer.
"hi Casey, its not mini Daniel anymore its Spencer Felange now" he replied.
"isnt that what your brother is called? and i heard what happened to him and where is he?" she replied to him.
"the original Spencer Felange was good in hell and has now gone to heaven" he replied willingly.
"oh OK then"  she replied with tears in her eyes.
"are you going to the christmas party then?" Spencer asked her.
"no im not i have to do some more shifts" she replied looking dissapointed.
just as she said that Spencers phone went off.
"Spencer, where the bloody hell are you?" Archie asked sounding annoyed.
"im at the new shop up street, casey owns it im gonna meet you at the christmas party ill see you later." Spencer replied.
"oh ok" Archie replied being a bit shocked. "i will see you later then" and then he hung up.

it was five more minutes before the party so Spencer and Casey said good-bye to each other and departed their own different ways. Spencer was walking towards the roller coaster when he realised a huge crowd was gathering so he looked and found out that he couldnt squeeze past them so he ran as if he was going to run in to the crowd and then he threw a smoke bomb on to the floor and disappeared, he reappeared in front of the crowd and ran straight into old mrs jenkins. "sorry old mrs jenkins i was trying to get infront of the crowd using my smoke bomb." Spencer apologised to her.
"shut up you big sissy, i know what you do Spencer and i know what you dont do, because im watching you, always watching you." she replied back.
"oh and merry christmas old mrs jenkins" Spencer replied.

As Spencer was walking around looking for either Archie, Terry or Scruffy McJones, he bumped into this group of people and then he realised it was who he was looking for. "hey where have you been buddy?" Archie asked.
"i think old Mrs Jenkins just called me a sissy and she is always watching me."

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