Monday, 12 August 2013

chapter 3 of 8

the Christmas party.
just a brief note if you die in hell or heaven then you re-spawn 20 times and then you are born again into the world forgetting hell or heaven and who you have met in your past life.

so it was an hour before the christmas party was going to happen and Spencer Felange was not in the house. "is he coming to the party?" Terry asked Archie.
"i dont know if he is or not, he didnt say" Archie replied. "ill ring him then" Archie yelled.
meanwhile at a new shop up street in hell, Spencer was buying a bacon cob when suddenly when he was going to pay for his cob the woman at the counter had turned and he realised who it was. CASEY. "mini daniel how did you end up in here?" she said to Spencer.
"hi Casey, its not mini Daniel anymore its Spencer Felange now" he replied.
"isnt that what your brother is called? and i heard what happened to him and where is he?" she replied to him.
"the original Spencer Felange was good in hell and has now gone to heaven" he replied willingly.
"oh OK then"  she replied with tears in her eyes.
"are you going to the christmas party then?" Spencer asked her.
"no im not i have to do some more shifts" she replied looking dissapointed.
just as she said that Spencers phone went off.
"Spencer, where the bloody hell are you?" Archie asked sounding annoyed.
"im at the new shop up street, casey owns it im gonna meet you at the christmas party ill see you later." Spencer replied.
"oh ok" Archie replied being a bit shocked. "i will see you later then" and then he hung up.

it was five more minutes before the party so Spencer and Casey said good-bye to each other and departed their own different ways. Spencer was walking towards the roller coaster when he realised a huge crowd was gathering so he looked and found out that he couldnt squeeze past them so he ran as if he was going to run in to the crowd and then he threw a smoke bomb on to the floor and disappeared, he reappeared in front of the crowd and ran straight into old mrs jenkins. "sorry old mrs jenkins i was trying to get infront of the crowd using my smoke bomb." Spencer apologised to her.
"shut up you big sissy, i know what you do Spencer and i know what you dont do, because im watching you, always watching you." she replied back.
"oh and merry christmas old mrs jenkins" Spencer replied.

As Spencer was walking around looking for either Archie, Terry or Scruffy McJones, he bumped into this group of people and then he realised it was who he was looking for. "hey where have you been buddy?" Archie asked.
"i think old Mrs Jenkins just called me a sissy and she is always watching me."

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

the ghost children chapter 2 of 8

the story of the ghost children.
so the original Spencer Felange was taken to heaven and Daniel had changed his name to Spencer Felange and a special news report had came on about the Ghost children who died a year ago on christmas day.
"who are the ghost children then?" Spencer had asked Archie and Terry.
"i heard this morning from old Mrs Jenkins that they were on the biggest roller coaster in Hell's theme park and when they came to the second biggest dip of the roller coaster, the cart's main bolt had come undone and then.." came a voice from Scruffy McJones behind Terry and Archie. "Whilst they were at the top the cart with the bolt off had tipped over the rails and fell to the ground." Scruffy had continued, "ever since they died each Christmas everyone in Hell meets up at the bottom of the roller coaster and lights a bunch of candles, sings songs and eats different types of food and gives each other gifts." Terry finished.
"what time does it start then?" Spencer asked.
"At about seven-ish, do you want to go?" Archie asked Spencer and Scruffy.
"I'll go" Scruffy McJones replied "Just as long as i can get a new sandwich" Scruffy said whilst looking at a moldy sandwich which he has had since he came into Hell, which was two months ago.
"well why don't you eat it quicker then?" Terry asked Scruffy, just as soon as he finished his question Scruffy had punched Terry in his face and said "That's the lowest form of wit Terry" Scruffy chuckled out.

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

the ghost children chapter 1 of 8 part 2

"Where is spencer daniel?" Asked terry and archie again.
"He has been good so hes been sent to heaven now." Replied daniel looking upset.
"Shouldnt you feel good for him?" Asked a muffled voice from scruufy McJones.
"Yeah but he was an idiot, he knows nothing about heaven only about hell, oh and i have changed my name, my name is spencer felange." Replied spencer. " and im going out in a minute, time traveling." Relpied apencer again.
So spencer threw a smoke bomb onto the floor and as the smoke vanished he appeared in the same house and the same hell only he was there at another time.
As spencer walked towards the clock he noticed most of the presants apart from his were opened. So he carried on walking towards the clock and noticed it was the same christmas and same universe but he had time travelled to six oclock. "Crap." He said realising he has to open his presents. So he ran towards his presents pile and teared them all up. He had recieved a box of choclates and some jet packs from old miss jenkins. A box of heeries from archie. A galaxey bar off terry and sandwich crumb off scruffy McJones.
As he was finishing the tv automatically turned on and the news came on to say that the anniversary of the childrens death that happened on the roller coaster.
Then suddenly Terry and Arhie burst through he door and shouted "i have always wondered what happemed to them."

Next upload will be on the christmas party they have.

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

the ghost children chapter 1 of 8 part 1

It was christmas eve of 2012. 6 am.
Daniel had woken up to a creak of the frontroom door, he quickly got changed out of his christmas onezie and threw a smoke bomb to the floor of his room innhe attic. When the frontroom door had slowly shut the lights had suddenly flashed on and the smoke of yet another of daniels smoke bombs had filled the room, "WHO THE HELL IS THAT!?" Shouted the figure in the frontroom. When the smoke had cleared spencer had realised that daniel was stood behind him. "What are you doing down here" daniel asked spencer. "I have came to leave this letter for you" spencer had started to explain."save it" daniel had explained. "Look, im sorry for what i did but can you please forgive me?" Pleaded spencer "ok" replied daniel. then suddenly a bright white spotlight had surrounded spencer. "Spencer felange, you have been accepted as a good person for apologising for what had sent you to hell, you will now have the chance to change your name as you are now going to heaven" then suddenly spencer started floating to the ceiling then he suddenly disappeared.

Thursday, 29 November 2012

the sequel to the prequel

well i know its a long time since i last updated the blog but if i recall back to last time, Leah had appeared in hell, terry and Archie had a fight over eating cheerios and the new TESCO was built and mini Daniel's little brother Spencer felange had moved into the house with everyone.
this special chapter is from Leah's point of view.

it was the Monday that everyone had found out about Terry and Archie's horrible accident had occurred on Friday night. so after crying for 3 hours straight everyone had got told to go home from all the devastation.  but when mini Daniel had gotten home he had planned on killing him self but failed but kinda succeeded because he had lots of pills in his hand and when he was gonna swallow the he coughed and they all fell out of his mouth and onto the floor and mini Daniel was still in a coughing fit he was walking backwards and fell on all of the pills and fallen down the stairs, he was rushed to hospital but didn't make it through the night. (well obviously because he is in hell) it was the next day at school and Leah, Elisha, Casey, Daniel and Amy were at home when they suddenly got a phone call from the hospital saying that mini Daniel had sadly past away trying to commit suicide but kinda succeeded, so that night everyone had met up at Mcdonalds and had the usual food and drinks and then they had all agreed to do it again because it had helped them forget about what had happened. so when Leah was walking home she had brought some flowers to put on the curb from where Terry and Archie had been hit. so she knelt down to place the flowers and a card and had started to cry.

when suddenly she had heard this thump of metal she had turned and she had saw a car hit a curb then it started to head her direction. she started to run and almost got to an alley to get away from the mad driver when she had suddenly been hit by the car on the bonnet and she had flipped over the car and landed on the curb.

the following morning everyone's phone had started to ring, it was the police saying they had found Leah's body by the alley so they was going to be a funeral for her and mini Daniel on the same day, which was going to be on the nearest Saturday. [we are now on a Wednesday morning]

it was the Saturday of the joint funeral and everyone was devastated so they all had turned up weeping and crying in memory of mini Daniel and Leah. big Daniel had offered to do a speech for Leah and Casey had offered to sing a song for mini Daniel . so big Daniel had walked up to the front of the church and had started to say his speech, by the end everyone had started to cry and mourn for the loss of Leah and big Daniel had gone to sit down when Casey had started to get up and walked to the front. she had grabbed the microphone and started to sing the song "islands in the stream" when she had finished she had felt really strong for not crying in the middle of this song. so she was brave enough to sing another song so she did this song was called "i love you" by Robbie Williams. once Casey had finished this song everyone had started to cry and weep for the memory of mini Daniel.

it was near the end of the funeral when they had started to bury mini Daniel and Leah when Casey and big Daniel had started to go for a walk around the graveyard and suddenly Casey had fallen down an unburied grave so big Daniel had panicked and had rang the police.

Leah had just entered the shopping mall purgatory when she had decided to go something bad because she knew what Terry and Archie had done in their lives so she had brought everything she needed and she had brought some nice clothes, shoes, furniture, food, drinks and even a pet dog to keep her company for when she was at home. so they were all teleported to her house then she had entered primark and decided to rob the shop with a pen, so she did but was caught whilst walking backwards out the door with some money and she had turned to run when she had ran straight into a police officer who was roaming purgatory in case of any crimes being committed and had been ran into by Leah with a pen. so Leah was arrested and told to go and see the boss of purgatory , death. so death had told Leah what she had done was wrong and she was told to got to hell for doing what she had done so she did with a great big smile on her face. when Leah had entered hell she had ended up in her new house, so she started to unpack everything and she started to go for a stroll. but she wasn't that far away from the line of pointlessnessnessness when she had heard a familiar voice coming from the other side so she had tried to get past but no one would let her past so she had placed a bomb at the side of someone and had set it off whilst she had been far back and then she saw who the voice was, it was Archie. they was smoke blocking Archie and Terry and mini Daniel and Spencer to see Leah . so she started to walk closer then she noticed Archie had seen her and slowly began to stand and asked "is it really you?" "YES!!" screamed Leah and started to run towards Archie with a huge grin on her face.

it was later on that day when the crew had gotten to Terry and Archie's house when the TV had turned it self on and had put it onto the news channel. "now we return to the girl who was named Casey when she was in the real world so she has decided to keep her name and to make a new sandwich shop at the end of the street where the new TESCO is..." the news anchor man had said on the TV.

" OH MY GOD do you think that's our Casey?" mini Daniel had asked out loud.
 "I do not know but i think we should find out if it is"  replied Archie.

thanks for reading :)
i do not mean to offend people with the funeral part but i hope you all like reading this thank you.

Thursday, 11 October 2012

part 7 of 7

it was the next day when mini Daniel had woken up to hear a crashing sound coming from the kitchen. so Daniel had got up and walked down stairs to the kitchen where he heard the noise and had found Terry and Archie squabbling on the floor."what the hell is happening here?" Daniel had yelled at Terry and Archie which had then become scared of mini Daniel for sneaking up on them. "Terry has eaten all of my cheerios!" Archie had screamed whilst slapping Terry silly in the face. "YOU KNOW WHAT ARCHIE, THEY WERE NICE!" Terry had screamed at Archie whilst kicking him in the shin. "RIGHT! Terry do not eat Archie's cheerios AND Archie do not start jumping on people when you think they have EATEN YOU CHEERIOS!!" Daniel had screamed at them that loud that Scruffy McJones had woken up to the sound of Daniel screaming the word 'CHEERIOS'. so Scruffy McJones had waddled up to the conservatory and had walked inside still eating his first sandwich and had then suddenly looked at Terry and Archie to Daniel and had scoffed all of the sandwich and started to make another sandwich. "Archie here is some cheerios for you." Daniel had suddenly threw a smoke bomb to the floor and when the smoke had cleared a box of cheerios had been replaced with the smoke."thanks Daniel." Archie had thanked Daniel and he had let go of Terry and had gotten the box of cheerios and started to pour them in his special bowl and got his special spoon and then started to eat them.

a couple of hours later Daniel and Scruffy McJones had started to eat some sandwiches in front of the television and Terry and Archie was swimming in the newly found indoor swimming pool. when they came a knock at the door. "I'LL GET IT" Daniel had screamed and went to open the door. when he had opened the door daniel had seen a figure he had seen befor, it was another hobo, but no ordinary hobo this was Daniel's brother Spencer Felange. " WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING HERE?, HOW DID YOU FIND ME?, DID I TELL YOU TO GO AWAY AND NEVER RETURN OR DID I SAY SOMETHING ELSE LIKE FOLLOW ME YOU LITTLE STALKER?" Daniel had screamed at Spencer. at this point Terry and Archie had went to the door to see what all of the screaming was but forgot to dry their self off.

"who is this Daniel?" Archie had asked." this is my brother Spencer Felange me and him used to live together until he tried to kill me." Daniel had replied. "i didn't mean to it was only i misunderstanding i had thought that i had put the gun on safety mode and plus it had only hit your shoulder." said Spencer."i don't care if you THOUGHT I NEARLY DIED!!" Daniel had screamed back at Spencer. "i have been living on the streets because the apartment was set on fire when you left so i decided to live on the streets and plus i only live on sandwiches." Spencer had said whilst looking over at Scruffy McJones who was sat staring at Spencer. " i was wondering if i could live here with you and your friends i don't need much to eat just sandwiches and i will leave you alone." "well i would say yes but this is not my house." Daniel had replied to Spencer. "well if you would like him here Daniel then he can live with us." Archie had butted in. " ok but your bedroom is the small bedroom ok?" Daniel had decided. "Yes, THANK YOU DANIEL!, thank you Daniel's friend."Spencer had yelled out. "oh let me introduce you to everyone, this is Scruffy McJones he is Terry's hobo and he too lives on sandwiches, this is Terry, and this is Archie." Daniel had pointed everyone out whilst saying their names.

a couple of hours later Daniel was going for a stroll when Terry, Archie,Spencer and Scruffy had tried to sneak up behind him and make him jump but this had failed due to the fact Daniel had a hunch that they would try to scare him when he is on his strolls. " oh hey everyone what are you all doing?" Daniel had asked them all. "oh we have come for a stroll too" Archie had spoke for them all. just at that minute an explosion had came from the que of pointlessnessnessness and had killed a third of the people in the line. "what the hell i hope old mrs Jenkins was not in that explosion!" Archie had yelled whilst running toward the line and had found mrs Jenkins laying on the floor with her zimmer frame next to her. "NO mrs Jenkins please speak to me!" Archie had screamed whilst holding her hand.

"im ok Archie dear its just that i had fallen over with the shock of the explosion now if you could be a dear and help me get up then they might be a biscuit in it for you ,you young whipper snapper." mrs Jenkins had said trying to get to her feet with the help of Archie."thank you Archie here you go i will see you later my young fellow." mrs Jenkins had given Archie the biscuit and started to walk off. Suddenly Archie had spotted a figure he had known from before, it was LEAH. "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING HERE IN HELL I HAD THOUGHT THAT YOU WILL BE IN HEAVEN OR SOMETHING?." Archie had screamed at her whilst giving her a hug. "its a long story but ill tell you in the prequel to the sequel which will lead to the next chapter." Leah had said when suddenly this chapter came to an end.

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

part 6 of 7

just 1 more post until the new story comes out.

"what?" mini Daniel had asked as if he did not hear right. "would you like to live with us?" Archie had suggested again. "umm yes, yes i will." Daniel had finally spat the words out. "YYYAAAYYY!!!" Terry had screamed knowing what the answer would be.

the next day they had all moved back and brought their stuff back from the mall where TESCO used to be.
so they all brought some stuff for hobo Scruffy McJones and they had even brought him an auto sandwich maker.and for Daniel they had brought him a king sized bed and a flat screen TV and even a teleport.

it was about 1 o'clock when Daniel had gone down stairs to find Archie and Terry fighting over a shopping list."I want cheerios." Archie had screamed at Terry."yeah well i want galaxy minstrels." Terry had screamed back. then suddenly Terry had jumped on Archie and Archie had threw the shopping list up in the air then Terry jumped on top of Archie and started to slap him. when the list blew to Daniel he had grabbed it and threw a smoke bomb to the floor then Terry and Archie had tried to grab him and suddenly Daniel had disappeared to go shopping with the list.

later on Daniel had re-appeared with bags of shopping one bag had contained cheerios and another, galaxy minstrels for Terry and for himself he had brought froffy coffee but nothing for Scruffy because he has his own sandwich maker for him

tomorrow will be an action packed piece of the blog with ANGER, EXPLOSIONS, MORE DRAMA AND EVEN A NEW TESCO!!!!!!